How do Tan Luis spray tans differ from other tanning application options?
Four big differences ... Our solution works with the chemistry in your own skin so that you get a perfect color match every time;
Our spray tans are not sticky OR smelly; Spray tanning booths use the same spray technique on EVERY client and we know that everyone's body is different. Therefore, our certified technician applies a custom spray tan guaranteed to provide optimal results for YOU! The fourth BIG difference is that we come to you. No spending money on gas or a babysitter!

How does spray tanning work?
The body is sprayed with a gentle spray mist using a UV free sunless tanning solution. The active ingredient, DHA (DHA occurs naturally in sugar beets and has been approved for application to the skin for over 30 years), soaks into the outermost layer of your skin and causes the superficial layers of the epidermis to oxidize. This naturally produces a color change and darkens the skin. As the skin cells gradually wear off, the color slowly fades, just like a UV sun tan but without the harmful effects of the sun.

How long will my appointment be?
Once your technician arrives to your home or preferred place to be tanned, the process will only take about 20-30 minutes (depending on how many questions you have). Set up takes 5-10 minutes, the spray process takes 5 minutes and 5-10 minutes are needed to pack up and answer any last questions.

Will the spray tan stain my clothes or bedding?
If you prefer to wear under garments or swim wear, choose something dark. You will be dry by the end of your session, but some of the top bronzer can come off on the inside of your clothes or on your bedding if you go to bed prior to your first shower. This is normal and will not effect your tan or stain your items. Our solution washes out of almost all fabrics but it can stain nylon, silk and leather. Try to avoid these fabrics until you have taken your first shower.

I have tattoos. Will the solution have any affect on them?
No. Sunless tanning does not cause fading in tattoos like UV tanning does.

What should I expect with my first shower?
When you first shower (after your 8 hour wait), you will see a brown tint to the run-off. Do NOT panic! This is simply the cosmetic bronzer used in the solution to show instant color and to help the technician apply a nice, even tan. What is left is a beautiful, sunless tan! Try to take lukewarm showers, not hot, and pat dry, do not rub. This will aid in prolonging your tan.

Is spray tanning safe?*
YES! The active ingredient in our solution, DHA, has been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA and the Canadian Health Ministry.
It is considered non toxic and non carcinogenic. DHA-based spray tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, American Academy of Dermatologists, Canadian Dermatology Association, The American Cancer Society and the American Medical Society. It is a perfect alternative from sun and lamp tanning because you get a beautiful tan without the harmful effects from UV rays.
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How long can I expect my tan to last?
Your tan will start to appear within 2 hours of the application. It will continue to darken for the next 8-10 hours. You will get optimal results if your wait to shower the next morning. Depending on how well you care for your skin, your spray tan should last 7-10 days. Skin naturally replaces itself every 28 days, so no matter how you obtained your tan, it will fade prematurely if not maintained correctly. The more you moisturize, the longer your tan will last. If your skin is dry, it will cause your tan to fade quicker. Also, if you apply a DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) tan extender it will help extend the life of your tan.


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